Eyes to Tamera


Like the rest of the Dominions, Eyes to Tamera is ruled by a suzerain or suzerainess who represents Tamera in court. They are in charge of the military and have final approval on all legislation passed through the Council. The Council itself is made up of representatives from the major cities, often coming from the powerful families there, and is lead by the Speaker who represents Lukar in court. The Speaker often advises the suzerain/suzerainess on matters, supposedly giving the opinions of the people. Finally, a representative of the archseers on the Isle of Glories represents Jaya in court, and gives religious leadership to the Dominion as well as counsel to the ruling family.

Geography and Trade

Eyes to Tamera is bordered to the west by mountains which allow for the mining of precious metals to take up a large part of the economy. As well, the border with Touch of Lukar and the souther border are covered in dense forests, and the central portion to be flat and semi-fertile farmland. The northwest, though, is dominated by the Steppes. The tribes there do trade with the Lowlanders for food and weaponry, supplying in return goat and sheep products and safe passage through the Steppes to the mines in the northwest. Through the Dominion run two major rivers; the Darta River to the south, on which Mayerna City sits, and the Roni River through the Steppes, which splits into the Upper Roni and the Lower Roni as it leaves the Steppes.

Eyes to Tamera is most well-known for it’s metals and metal-working, as well the specialty items from the tribes of the Steppes. Although it has less trade routes due to being blocked by the mountains on one side, it is the richest Dominion due to the high prices it’s metals and metal products go for.

Major Cities

Mayerna City – The capital, which sits on the Darta River, and the biggest city in Eyes to Tamera. The name changes to the name of the current suzerain or suzerainess at their coronation.
Edayor – A small city situated between the Upper Roni and the Lower Roni, just beyond the borders of the Steppes. It is this city that all travelers through the Steppes stop before continuing on their journey.

Eyes to Tamera

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