While pretty much any race can be found in the Three Dominions due to the trade routes leading in from western side, there are some that are native to the lowlands and a few that are found almost exclusively on the Steppes.

Lowland Races

Deva – Often found in positions of power, the Deva make up the ruling families. There hasn’t been a suzerain or suzerainess that wasn’t a Deva in a hundred years.
Bladeling – Believed to be the creation of Tamera during a time of war against invading nomadic tribes. Many Bladelings hold prejudices against the nomadic Steppe people, tying them to the original invaders.
Elf – It would be surprising to not see an elf when visiting any of the Dominions.
Half-Elf – Most half-elves call the trade cities near the borders home, as well as the capitals of each of the Dominions.
Eladrin – Many Eladrin find themselves competing for the same positions as Deva, and losing out to the commonplace nepotism.

Steppe Races

Goliath – It is rare to find a tribal khan that is not a Goliath or does not keep Goliath warriors.
Shifter – Making up the core of Steppe society, shifters act in a variety of roles, although very few become religious leaders.
Half-Orc – Sometimes a human will visit the Steppe. The offspring between them and an orc, while accepted into the tribe, will often be somewhat subjugated.
Orc – Only appearing after the invasions that called for the creation of Bladelings, many believe that the orcs were the invading party and only joined the Steppe tribes when retreat proved impossible.
Dragonborn – While not the most common among the Steppe people, the Dragonborn often holding positions of religious power.


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